Sexy Bad Boys by Bella Love-Wins

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the billionaires and bad boys in a seductive bundle of complete
stories, with no cliffhangers and the kindle-melting happy ever afters
you love.
This bundle includes:
Cabin Heat Complete Series – never before offered in a 99 cents bundle.

Bonus – Disguise Complete Series – a billionaire meets bad boy romance series

Disguise Series
POV – He suggested they were destined to meet each other. The very idea
was scary and exciting at the same time. Bash had been there for her in the
past few weeks. He had kept her company, and kept her from going insane with
worry about her father. Alexandra showed up in Tucson intent on escaping her
crazy yet lonely LA life, and had a perfect friendship placed right in her
appreciation rushed over her as she looked into his handsome face, the chiseled
slant of his jaw, the glint of gold in his hair, and his dark eyes searching
hers. Appreciation…and desire that she needed to get a handle on right now.
Butterflies crowded her stomach. She got ready to say what needed to be
there’s something I have to tell you,” she blurted out. 
had to do it. She would tell him now. He needed to know who she was. She was so
tired of keeping him at arm’s length with her disguise. If he hated her forever
after this, at least she would know she didn’t lie to him. There was always the
possibility she was wrong about him. Maybe he was not…
quietly slipped his fingers around hers and rubbed his thumb along her inner
palm. Those butterflies inside her turned into a hurricane. He leaned towards
her like they were the only people in the waiting room. They might as well have
been. Everything else was a fuzzy haze. He had her completely undone. 
he whispered. 
lips were so close, and all she wanted to do was taste them. 
shifted in her chair. She squeezed her eyes shut, losing all her resolve. She
eased her hand away from him and leaned back in the seat. “I need a place to
say,” she told him instead. 


Where the hell did that come from?

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